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       Dear Shareholders and Investors,
     An Phat Plastic & Green Environment Joint Stock Company would like to announce “The summary report of first 9 months 2017 and Business plan for Quarter 4 2017”, details are as follows:
I.   Business performance results in the first 9 months 2017
     Continuing the growth of the first quarter and second quarter, in third quarter, company’s factories have made effort to boost production and export to ensure the plan that has been set by the Board of Directors. Results of production in the first 9 months are estimated:


First 9 months 2017

Growth rate

Quantity (tons)



Revenue (VND billion)



Profit after tax (VND billion)



Profit after tax of shareholders of parent company (VND billion)



     After 9 months, AAA reached 80% consolidated revenue plan and 73% consolidated profit after tax plan of parent company.
II.  Outstanding activities in Q3 2017
1.   Quantity increased, new markets’ expansion
     With the determination to reach the goal of 8,000 tons per month by the end of 2017, company's factories have made efforts to complete the process improvement, optimize machinery systems, production process in order to increase labor’s productivity, increase input of warehousing.
     In parallel with that, the company's market has been expanded with many new customers in fastidious markets such as USA, Japan and Europe. Through international trade such as international trade fairs and image-based e-commerce channels, company could attract new customers. At the same time, the company also frequently welcomed customers to visit company to exchange information, understand clearly about the needs and desire for cooperation of two sides, thereby capturing the information on market value and trends of customers. Now, biodegradable packaging is a trend product in developed countries, especially when these countries have promulgated laws to promote the use of biodegradable plastic products and environmentally-friendly plastics. These environmental protection policies will soon have a pervasive impact on all worldwide markets.       

     Accordingly, the demand of biodegradable products will increase, this will be a strategic product in the development plan of the company, especially An Phat is an unique company in Vietnam produced successfully biodegradable packaging. An Phat has been cooperating with many major partners on the world to develop higher value and more superior product lines than ordinary plastic bags.
2.  Implementation of dividend advanced payment of 5% to Shareholders
     In September, company has paid a dividend of 5% to Shareholders. In 2017, company plans to pay dividends from 20-30% for the whole year of 2017.
3.   Continuation of register of An Phat Holdings to buy warrants 
     After a period of buying and negotiating with individual investors who own warrants issued on December 4th 2015 according to Resolution No. 1101/2015/NQ-ĐHD dated on November 4th 2015 of the company has not yet converted, An Phat Holdings company has acquired 121.150 warrants. In the investment plan, in order to achieve the target to become a major shareholder and accompanying the development of AAA, An Phat Holdings will continue to buy 122.350 warrants from investors.
     On October 17th 2017, An Phat Holdings, with 3 other companies: Viet and Duong Investment Limited Company, Duong Pham Investment Limited Company and Trung and Hoa Investment Limited Company have successfully purchased the remaining warrants of AAA with the average purchase price of 39.500.000 VND per warrant, equivalent to 39.500 VND per share after conversion or 28.000 VND per share before conversion price of 11,500 VND per share.
4.   An Phat – Yen Bai Mineral and Plastic Joint Stock Company (HII) - A subsidiary of AAA inaugurated the CaCO3 superfine stone powder factory
     On August 30th 2017, CaCO3 stone powder factory with a capacity of 222.000 tons per year, a project of An Phat - Yen Bai Mineral and Plastic Joint Stock Company was officially inaugurated. After one year of active and rapid implementation, the project of building a stone powder factory has been completed and is considered as one of the typical industrial projects in Yen Bai province. An Phat - Yen Bai Mineral and Plastic Joint Stock Company is expected to make a significant contribution to the completion of the industrial production value set out in 2017. It is expected to reach an average output of 6.000 tons of stone per month by the end of the third quarter, 12.000 tons per month by the end of 2017 and four times of the current level after achieving optimal capacity by 2019.
     The superfine stone powder factory helps HII take the initiative in material, reduce raw material cost and increase profit margin by 2-3%.
5.  Welcome Investors and attend to investment seminars
     With the fast and sustainable development, quick and transparent information disclosure, AAA is receiving the attention of many investors. In the third quarter of this year, the company welcomed several securities companies, financial investment organizations (such as AFC, Alliance Bernstenin, VinaCapital, HSC and SSI) to visit company to understand more about company's operations. Investors are very impressed by AAA's rapid growth and ambitious growth plan in the near future. After exchanging and understanding more about the business culture, business model, value chain, production process and sales policy, investors were confident in AAA's positive prospects in the future and expressed the desire to cooperate, long-term attachment with the development of the company.
     On September 19th 2017, Chairman of An Phat Plastic attended to the investment seminar of HSC held in Ho Chi Minh City. Attending the seminar, AAA received much attention of domestic and foreign investors. Onward, the company will participate actively in more seminars in Ho Chi Minh City and abroad to introduce the opportunities to invest in AAA’s stock.
III.  Business plan for the fourth quarter 2017
1.  Operation, revenue and profit plan
     Base on the stable production capacity and strong market demand in the last months of the year, the company’s plans of production, revenue and profit for the Q4 2017 are as follows:
-     Consolidated quantity: 30,000 tons
-     Consolidated revenue: 1,100 VND billion
-     Consolidated profit after tax: 80 VND billion
-     Parent company’s shareholders earnings: 60 VND billion
2.  Attendance at Vietnam Enterprise Conference 
     Receiving the invitation of Samsung Securities Co., Ltd, Chairman of An Phat - Mr. Pham Anh Duong, will attend to Vietnam Enterprise Conference in Seoul, Korea on October 21th 2017. An Phat is honored to be one of the top 3 Vietnamese companies to attend and present to more than 300 Korean investors at this seminar.
3.  Production growing plan
     Continuing the results of the first 9 months of the year, on the other hand, quarter 4 is often the quarter with a huge increase in quantity due to the demand of customers, the company’s leaders have directed factories to prepare a detailed production plan in appropriateness with sales plans to ensure optimal labor productivity, increase quantity to meet customer needs.
     Departments and factories are gearing up for the 2018 plan, ensuring the growth of shareholders’ benefits in 2018.
     With the Business Center, the Board of Management directs departments and business units to closely monitor the market situation, grasp the needs of customers and connect in time to increase the order quantity, attemp to reach over plan.

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