The Board of Management of An Phat Plastic and Green Environment would like to invite Shareholder to attend 2017 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting (AGM), details of the AGM are as follows:

Time: 8:00 am, Saturday, 18th February 2017
Venue: Head Office of the Company - Lot CN11 + CN12, An Dong Industrial Park, Nam Sach Town, Nam Sach District, Hai Duong Province.
Admissions: Shareholders recorded in the shareholders list issued by the Vietnam Securities Depository as of 12th January 2017.
Contents of the meeting:
- To approve 2016 Business Results and Business Plan for 2017;

- To approve reports of the Board of Management, Supervisory Board, and the Board of Directors on Company performance in 2016 and the Plan of 2017;
- To approve Audited Financial Statements 2016;
- To approve the remuneration of the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board in 2017;
- To approve the appropriation of 2016 profit, the 2016 dividend and the expected dividend in 2017;
- Election of Board member;
- Other issues in terms of Company operations in accordance with the Law on Enterprises and the Company Charter.

For convenience of preparation for the AGM,

- Shareholder please confirm attendance or authorize a proxy by filling in the Power of Attorney sent by post to the Shareholder or downloaded at the website, and send to the Company by email or fax to 03203.755.113 before 16th February 2017.
- In case that there’s no available proxy to attend the AGM, Shareholder may appoint the Board Member as a proxy.


AGM materials: Meeting Invitation and Agenda was sent to the registered address of Shareholder. Other materials are posted on the website since 24th January 2017.
Shareholders and the proxy are requested to present following documents at the AGM:
1. ID/Passport;
2. Meeting Invitation (original copy);
3. Power of Attorney (original copy) in case of a proxy.
For all enquiries regarding 2017 Annual General Meeting, please contact:
The Secretariat
Tel : 03203.755.998                           Hotline: 0912.808.885
Shareholders are in charge of accommodation and transportation expenses during the meeting.
For the supporting materials of the AGM, please download here.

                                                                                                                      Hai Duong, 23rd January 2017
                                                                                                                       FOR AND ON BEHALF OF
                                                                                                                THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT

                                                                                                                        PHAM ANH DUONG

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