About us

AN PHAT BIOPLASTICS (CHANGED FROM AN PHAT PLASTIC & GREEN ENVIRONMENT) was originally established from an extremely small entreprise with two members. Just after 17 years later, our firm had become a public company listed on stock exchange HOSE.

Being an enterprise with a wealth of experience in producing thin plastic bag, our firm has gained a strong position in plastic business scale as well as built close relationship with a lot of well-known corporations and companies all over the world such as: EU, Japan, USA, UAE, Australia, etc. Our products have all been highly appreciated by both domestic and international customers.

Our history

In September 2002, An Phat plastic was founded with the first name "Anh Hai Duy Ltd." and authorized captital was just 500 millions VND.
In April 2004, "Anh Hai Duy" expanded the first step when hiring 10.000m2 land at Nam Sach Industrial Zone to invest in Plastic Bag Factory. In June 2005, the next factory was established with area 19,967 m2 at An Dong Industrial Zone .
And till March 2007, company's scale pass over the range of a small private firm, "Anh Hai Duy" was renamed An Phat Plastic and Green Environment JSC. with authorized capital 30 billions VND. 

In March 2007, "Anh Hai Duy",expanded on larger scale, was renamed An Phat Plastic & Green Environment with authorized capital 30 billions VND. 
In April 2007, our firm raised authorized capital to 60 billions and 66 billions VND in December 2007 because there were more shareholders joining business capital, including Beira Investment Limited Company.

Being supplied new source of capital, in September 2009, we build Factory 3 with area 20,064 m2, strategic products was bio degradable plastic bags and high-grade roll bags. 
In November 2009, our firm renamed "An Phat Plastic and Green Environment JSC. to suit the target and orientation "Produce green, steady, Protect environment".
In April 2010, our firm continued incresing authorized capital to 99 billions VND because of releasing stocks to current shareholders. And in July 2010, the name AAA officially appeared which characterized for Stock Code listed on the Stock Exchange.

In 2017, along with pressing Factory 6 into operating with 70% capacity, and Factory 7 started running, An Phat Plastic marked a significant milestone: the export production reached 8000 tons a month for the first time, becoming the leading plastic bag manufacturer. 

2018 An Phat Plastic are honored to receive TQCSI International Client of the Year Award recognizing an excellent commitment to high quality packaging, environmental sustainability, safety of food packaging and continual improvement.

Vision - Mission


  • To be in the Top 3 in Asia providing high-quality products and services in the plastics and bags industries.



  • Enhance R&D and manufacture and trade high-tech, environmentally friendly products and services in the plastics and bags industries, bringing value to customers and shareholders

Board of directors